Half In company is a newly formed circus company based in Stockholm, Sweden. It has at the moment two members, Sébastien Klink and Morgane Stäheli. They have been practicing duo trapeze; their main discipline; for six years. The two members are originally from Switzerland, they have studied circus for two years in the Netherlands before moving to Sweden. They obtained their bachelor in Circus Arts at SKH (DOCH) where they graduated in the spring 2022.

Our work


The work of the company is centered around duo trapeze. Together we have created our own vocabulary using dynamic technique and improvisation tools. Playfulness is a key word in our work. Our mission is to try to open up the space of duo trapeze. We enjoy breaking pattern, physical or in our relation together and with the trapeze. 

We emphasise on the importance of details, to create satisfying images which evolve throughout the performance. Those details show the effect of small moments growing into unexpected consequences.

Our vision as a company is to share our complicity, create absurd atmospheres and communicate our energies through our circus technique. We make everyday objects alive and create unexpected installations. Our circus language is fed by games, rigging mechanisms, and simplicity.



Sébastien was introduced to circus at a very young age through the youth circus of his father. He then followed a journey exploring the possibility of trying many circus disciplines to finally choose duo trapeze. 

After high school, he decided with his partner Morgane to continue exploring duo trapeze at Codarts. They followed for two years the bachelor program and then took the decision to deepen their approach to circus at DOCH. 

They are now based in Stockholm where they just graduated from DOCH.

Sébastien likes to build and create objects, imagine systems and has always new ideas. In the company Sébastien handles logistic and technical parts.



Morgane has been up in the air since she was 10 years old. She tried a lot of aerial until she found duo trapeze. Once she found her duo trapeze partner it became clear to her that she would choose this path as a career.

After 2 years at Codarts, Rotterdam, she, then joined the circus program at DOCH in Stockholm where she’s based now.

She has a strong interest in working as a pair because life and stage are more interesting when you share them. She’s attracted to contemporary circus and enjoy questioning norms, and traditions. She’s the administrator and producer of this company.


Fly together with us to a universe made out of our imagination !

I hope you will enjoy your ride with us. ” Morgane