O U T is the title of Half In company’s first creation. This piece began in 2019 in Stockholm as a meeting of two people, a duo trapeze, buckets, and space. As the piece evolved it became clear that the buckets are the main actors of this piece: an integral part of this trapeze duo practice/performance. 

O U T explores, and invites the audience to discover, the infinite possibilities of buckets. On the ground and in the air; with different shapes, sizes, and materials.

Buckets act as characters and scenography tools. Half In company looks at the space with a different eye. They travel with their duo trapeze technic and different installations.

The artists build situations, problems and find unique ways of solving what might come up. They deal with risk, trust, balance height while always trying to stay transparent on their feeling, with how the events are affecting them. The stage is a place of Morgane & Sébastien to investigate their ideas while sharing them with hints of humor, danger and complicity.

The two artists create an absurd universe where fragility and playfulness are central. The energy travels, transforms and is shared.

This piece wants to be free, moving and disturbing by times. This ensemble creates a world of connections, complicity, full of suspension and release.

At the moment the project has the support of Kolja Hunek part of circus next for example, he is the outside eye of “O U T”. It has also been nourished by the work of Benjamin Richter.

“O U T” is going to be a 60 minutes performance for all types of audiences, that can be played in theatres, under a circus tent, or in other venues.

This piece is looking for a première date and a tour for 2023-2025

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